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Bun Kicker

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Bun Kicker:

Almost identical to Everyone's Favorite Blend, Vanilla Cinnamon Bun, but designed to give you the natural stimulating energy of Yerba Mate, which increases its effectiveness as a diet tea, too!  (This is for everyone who said they needed more energy and, "I don't want that Caffeine-Free stuff!")  We suggest sweetening it with Amber Sugar Gems.

This blend contains Yerba Mate, which is a natural and nutritious stimulant that is said to help provide mental clarity, improve digestion, burn fat, relieve pain, enhance memory & immunity, and has a reputation for being a great energy & mood lifter.

*A good substitute for high-fat & high-calorie desserts

approximately 40 cups of Gourmet Tea
Aid in digestion, is high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals
Roasted Yerba Mate- Mood lifter, weight loss aid, immunity booster
Honeybush- Vitamin C, potassium, and calcium
Cinnamon- helps keep blood sugar stable
Hibiscus- Vitamin C, immunity booster, weight loss aid
Orange Peels- Vitamin C, immunity boosting
Vanilla flavoring- Comforting, soothing taste and scent
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