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*Everyone's Favorite!! Vanilla Cinnamon Bun

Price: $10.50
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Vanilla Cinnamon Bun * :

Our most popular tea by far!  Exclusively unique to Compass Tea Company.  Slip on your fuzzy robe and slippers and warm up with this yummy tea version of your favorite dessert.  We suggest sweetening it with Amber Sugar Gems.

A great tasting and natural alternative to drinking decaf tea or coffee.  (Could also be used as a low calorie,  fat free alternativeto desserts late at night.)  *Naturally  CAFFEINE FREE

2.75 oz Approximately 40 cups of Gourmet Tea
Rooibos (Green & Red)- Aid in digestion, is high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals, Naturally Caffeine Free
Honeybush- Vitamin C, potassium, and calcium
Cinnamon- helps keep blood sugar stable
Hibiscus- Vitamin C, immunity booster, weight loss aid
Orange Peels- Vitamin C, immunity boosting
Vanilla flavoring- Comforting, soothing taste and scent

* Made with All Organic Ingredients
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