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Chai Chi

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Chai Chi  3 oz:
Talk about comfort in a teacup! This delicious Chai tea is a perfect afternoon tea.   It could easily be considered a 'dessert tea' that could help you cut your calorie and fat intake by substituting this fragrant cup for your normal dessert.  Scrumptious as is, but tastes amazing with a spoonful or two of our all natural Amber Sugar Gems (made of pure Cane Sugar) and a dash of milk, if you like.
3 oz = approximately 40 cups of Gourmet Tea
Black tea- Antioxidant rich, helps keep body hydrated, may help reduce your daily calorie intake which can lead to weight loss
Rooibos- Aid in digestion, high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals
Chicory Root - Aid in digestion
Spices, Flavoring
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